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We have 2 different types of Cable counter for cable length measuring in our cable blowing equipment program. They are both used during the cable blowing process for cable length measurement so you know exactly where and how far the end of the blown cable is.
We got one cable counter designed for direct mounting on the cable blowing machines Powerflow and Multiflow.
The other Cable Counter is designed as a standalone Unit that could be used many places.


Cable Counter Mounting Unit FLEX for Poweflow or Multiflow:

By installing this cable counter at your Powerflow or Multiflow it is easy for you to monitor how far the cable has been blown. This Cable Counter is designed so it also could measure doing relining of more than one duct or cable at the same time.

Cable Counter mounted on machineCable Counter for multi of micro duct MULTIFLOWCable Counter for Cable Blowing


 Cable length measuring Distance:

 99,9999 km

 Cable Weight:

 2 kg.



Cable Counter Stand Alone Unit:

The Cable counter can be inserted in any place where the cable counter at the cable blowing machine cannot be used for cable length measurement.

Cable Counter Stand Alone Model

 Cable length measuring Distance:

 99,9999 km

 Cable Weight:

 5 kg.


Cable length measurement

With a cable counter you do direct cable length measuring during the whole cable blowing process. You always know how far the end of the cable is, and it will help you if something prevents the cable to move forward, then it simply tells you where look. It also prevents overflow of fiber or cable when you are alone on the job.  


Cable Counter Materials

We do always design and manufacture our cable length measuring unit in materials that are protected against the environmental influence on the products. Only surface treated and non corrosion material are used to make sure your investment will be working for years.


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