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Here on you will find Fiber blowing equipment used during fiber, cable blowing and relining of micro duct.
We do always design and construct our blowing equipment, for you as our customer fully satisfaction.
It is wide range of fiber blowing equipment that is available from Tygesen Energi, and we always have focus on easy operations, easy handling and transportation and solid design. It is a pleasure for us, to lead you and your employees to an excellent well-done job with our high Quality Fiber blowing equipment. To find more information on our Fiber blowing equipment you just follow the link below.



Hydraulic Fiber Blowing Equipment:

Our Hydraulic Fiber blowing equipment is used for hydraulic power and control on our Fiber blowing machine Powerflow, Multiflow and Miniflow. And should be ordered together with your fiber blowing machine.

Hydraulic PumpMobile Gas Powered Hydraulic Pump

 Power Hydraulic pressure supply :




 6,5 hp


 Max Oil Pressure:

 100 Bar

 Max Hydraulic pump Flow:

 18 L/min.


Hydraulic Control Unit:Hydraulic Control Unit | Fiber Blowing Equipment

Used to control the hydraulic pressure and the inlet flow, it is reversible just move the handle backwards. 

 Hydraulic Pressure Control:

 Max 125 Bar

 Hydraulic Pressure Control Manometer:

 Max 160 Bar


Blowing Media Fiber blowing Equipment:

The Multiflow and Powerflow is suitable for blowing cable, fiber or ducts with water as media. So when purchasing one of those machines you will need water pump to supply the blowing process with water.


Gas Powered Water pump SpecMobile Gas Powered Water Pump A Fiber blowing Equipment

 Power Water pressure supply :




 13 hp


 Max Water Pump Pressure:

 20 Bar

 Max Water pump Flow:

 230 L/min.


Following Fiber blowing equipment you will have to consider before ordering.

Before ordering your new fiber blowing machine you should consider some of following Fiber blowing equipment products listed here below.


Trailer for cable blowing machine and Fiber blowing equipment Trailer | Fiber blowing equipment for Power, Multi and Miniflow

This Trailer is designed for our Fiber blowing machines Powerflow, Multiflow and Miniflow. The machine is mounted on the Trailer and makes the transportation in the field easy and smooth. A useful Piece of Fiber blowing Equipment for offroads assignments.



Junction Block for our Fiber blowing machines

The Junction block is used to connect and seal the water pump or the compressed air supply to the duct. More cable and micro ducts can be blown at the same time with this phenomenal fiber blowing equipment.

   Junction Block FLEX Single Specification and setup:

 Into Ducts:

 20 - 50 mm

Fiber blowing Equipment Junction block

 Single cable size:

 12 - 27 mm

 Blowing Machines:

 Powerflow and Multiflow

   Junction Block FLEX Multiple micro ducts Specification and setup:

 Into Ducts:

 20 - 50 mm

Junction Block Fiber blowing Equipment for Multiflow

 Micro duct diameter:

 7 mm to 16 mm

 Numbers blown ducts:

 3 to 15 pcs.




Cable counter for cable length measurement

We have 2 different types of Cable counter for cable length measuring in our fiber blowing equipment.


Cable Counter Mounting Unit FLEX for Poweflow or Multiflow:Cable Counter for running Length measuringCable Counter mounted on Fiber blowing Machine Powerflow

To use on Powerflow and multiflow. When blowing more cable or micro duct into one duct in one process you will be able to do cable length measuring with this unit.

Cable Counter Stand Alone Unit:

This Cable counter is easy to handle and setup anywhere. It is another useful product in our Fiber blowing equipment program.


Fiber blowing equipment; Joining duct during blowing process.

These are Products for joining, sealing and speeding of duct during blowing process.


X - Y duct connector junction box X - Y Connector BlockX - Y Connector Block | Fiber blowing Equipment

Our y duct connector junction box for installation another cable into an existing occupied duct. Another fiber blowing equipment Customized after your specifications.


Duct coupler for Duct couplingA Duct Coupler for Duct coupling

A Duct Coupler is a piece of fiber blowing equipment that is used for sealing a cut or damage duct. Customized after your specifications.

Cable Mouse for single cable blowingCable mouse for cable blowing

With Cable mouse seals sticking to the inner wall of the duct it shoots it through the duct. This piece of fiber blowing equipment has to be specified by you!


Fiber blowing equipment for handling duct, cable etc.

Handling and storage of cable, fiber and micro ducts during blowing


The Compact Cable Fleeter.Cable Fleeter in carCable fleeter or Cable Carousel

The Cable fleeter Carousel is used for “Figure of Eighting” installations and is designed to work in conjunction with the Cable Blowing Machine.


Cable Drum Stand sizes Cable Stand ST-50Fiber blowing Equipment | Cable Stand ST-80

Our Cable drum stand come in two versions a 50 and 80, and are equipped with Brakes for automatic stop.


If you haven’t found the Fiber blowing equipment you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us!